Heat powered stove fans generate their own thermo-electricity, using the Seebeck effect. They sit on top of the stove, at the rear, where the surface temperature is between 100-300 deg C. The thermo-electricity spins the fan blades, which pushes the warm air from around the stove and fireplace, out into the room, thus greatly increasing the comfort level. The fans are silent in operation and require no external power or maintenance.

These products have been popular in the UK, and other parts of Europe, for some years now but are, as yet, little known within France - despite the huge number of wood burning stoves in use.

The first commercial product was the Caframo EcoFan. There are now many variants on the market. In the UK, Valiant has quickly become established as a market leader for these specialist products. In 2013 the company followed up its first, two blade, model with a 4 blade design, aimed at diffusing up to 50% more air over a wider area.

Now, for the new season, comes a completely new design - The PremiAIR 4. It is designed to be smaller, start faster, work effectively at lower temperatures and push 90% more air than the previous model.

In 2013 Valiant appointed Poeles Plus as its exclusive distributor in France in order to bring their Stove Fans to market here.

Based in the Charente department, in the commune of Chazelles, PoelesPlus distributes fans via direct on-line sales and distribution to independent retail outlets.

The fans can be bought here on this website Page: How to Order

We are able to demonstrate the fans in action here at home and at a number of other locations. Please contact us for your best location.